Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011


I did something unconventional for a stamper:

I did not use any stamps and made a very quick card – to understand that, you have to hear the case history:
You have to know, that I´m known for my addiction for patterned paper napkins – I NEVER use just plain ones…
And I can hardly throw one away… so when I´m invited and I did not use my paper napkin, I always take it with me , because I know otherwise it would be thrown away!
Ok, I know, this sounds quite nuts, but … nobody´s perfect :-)

I thought the pattern/picture of this paper napkin is so nice – it could be a quite pretty card – so I laminated it and adhered that onto a card blank – and also embellished the envelope.

Ok… obviously I´m not so much a stamper, but a "papercrafter"….

I hope you are not vertiginous from shaking your head about my unconventional card :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is very pretty Uli! I reuse paper napkins too! I think they are beautiful. I am addicted any kind of pretty paper. I use gift wrap too! I like to keep my napkins for scrapbooks because it helps to remember the event. Anyway you use them they are too pretty to throw out, and this card is a perfect example! You taught me a new english word Vertiginous! I had to look it up, how funny is that! Teach me more please lol!

  2. You made that beautiful card out of a napkin? Look at it, the simplicity is its power. Envelope is the icing. <3

  3. WOW, that gorgeous card from a napkin. I love the image too. Just beautiful

  4. Hang on... vertiginous?? What the heck is that? Is that in repayment for my callipygousness word I inflicted on everyone last week? lol

  5. I keep wrapping paper (in fact people buy my wrapping paper as a gift lol) and I like pretty napkins...not that I go anywhere to collect them. This is a fantastic card and proof that I should stop just collecting and actually start using lol.
    Hugs lin

  6. Uli, this is gorgeous. I would never have known that it was a napkin. I don't think I've ever seen any quite this pretty. I would probably just hoard it, and not use it. I appreciate the English lesson today. LOL. I had to look up two words, after Dorcas' comment. It's always a good thing to enhance one's vocabulary. Hugs, dj


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