Montag, 24. November 2014


In this (cold) time of the year filled chocolates and chocolate truffels make a great gift! 

Here´s my gift for a generous host/hostess : 5 different "handmade-by-me" chocolates

Baileys Truffles:

Chili Truffles, wintry filled white chocolates with a nougat-cinnamon filling and Egg-nog-Coconut Truffles:

Rum Truffels:

I made a "basket" from a white cardboard box and some designer paper and filled it up with the chocolates, a flowerpot and a wintry flowerpot stick and a matching kitchen towel.

I added a pretty card.... 

... and a cellophane wrapping - voilá!

Try it yourself, too! It´s a lot easier than it looks and the response is overwhelming! 
Have fun!


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