Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Thank You

I was really happy to learn, that I do have loyal followers who read my blog posts and encourage me with their comments!


This is for you!

I tried my hands on a very chocolaty chocolate cake - and it turned out delicious! 
I´m so sorry that I can´t hand out a piece to everyone of you in real life!

Just in case you don´t know how to make the leaves: just take some leaves from a rose, dip them into warm chocolate, put them into the fridge, peel the leaves off again - voilá!
If they´re still ok (not torn) dip them into chocolate again... and so on ...

And if you´d like to try this flower out of white chocolate, too - I got the instructions here:
how to make a CHOCOLATE FLOWER rose by Ann Reardon

Have a nice day!

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Jeweled Journey Part 2

Hi again!

… if you´re new here, please start with Part 1 here : http://apricotbubbles.blogspot.co.at/2014/06/jeweled-journey-part-1.html

So, after creating my dark pearl necklace, my second piece was a cream colored pearl bracelet – I LOVE bracelets – so nice to wear!
I took a piece from my rhinestone heap and added some quite large pearls – done! Within no time at all – 30 minutes perhaps?  

This was so much fun to me, that I realized, that I´d need much more rhinestone pieces for my new passion.
I visited Vienna´s largest and most famous (on Saturdays: flea-) market – the “Naschmarkt” – and found some really nice pieces for a reasonable price.
Aren´t they all so pretty?!  

In the next few months I made some necklaces – you can read about them HERE – or just take a look HERE

I even made myself necklaces for just a day/ an outfit and took it apart afterwards – crazy! But so much fun! This one for example does not exist any more – it was only for a day… the center-piece is the only heirloom I have from my paternal Grandma.

Please stay tuned for some more stages of the Jeweled Journey :-)
Thank you so much visiting again!

PS: I link this up to the Vintage Inspiration Party !


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