Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Jeweled Journey Part 1

Hey there!

It´s been ages since my last blog post and I´d like to explain to my loyal readers (are the any?), WHY I´ve been so quiet … well, I still love paper crafting, but now I switched from paper crafting to jewelry making!

It´s been 4 years ago, when I found Jamie´s gorgeous pieces on her site Simply Me Art… since then, the fire was lit. But I didn´t dare to really start making jewelry – I did just one necklace …

….and the stopped for a while…. Anyhow I never stopped following Jamie´s blog. She was very nice and gave me some very good advice, as e.g. buying Amy Hanna´s book Rejuvenated Jewels  

Since I really wanted to give it a try, I started buying “treasures” on flea markets and antique markets… such as broken rhinestone jewelry, old brooches etc. …

About a year later I subscribed to Where Women Create and found an article about Andrea Singarella and a beautiful photograph of her sitting in front of her desk and wearing a selfmade necklace. 

You can read the article HERE.

I was so inspired by her, that I made myself a necklace with beautiful dark pearls within the next 2 days – and I love it still:

Please stay tuned for some more stages of the Jeweled Journey!

Thank you so much for keeping faith with me!


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