Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Fresh Breeze

These blue and green pastel shades remind me of a fresh breeze on a slightly chilly morning in spring, don´t you agree?!
YES, I´ve been crafty again and made a new sticky notes booklet - here´s my new baby :-)

I found these huge diamonds in the deco section of a local florist supply shop - OF COURSE I HAD to buy them :-) Aren´t they gorgeous!

This is my entry for the current CR84FN Color Challenge...

Ros pointed me to this week´s challenge at the City Crafter Challenge Blog by her stunningly beautiful creation... the theme is A Rose is a Rose!

I don´t know if I can call my fabric flower a "rose", but I have an ace up my sleeve: there are roses on the designer paper!

... this is a scan of the blank cover...

Want to peek inside?

And there´s a 3rd challenge  I´d like to participate in: the Craft-Room Challenge which requires to use some fabric.

Oh, now I even found a 4th challenge for my project: Divas by design "Fabulous Flourishes"... I guess the inside of my booklet qualifies...


Thanks a lot for visiting me today!


Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012


I finally filled the "Digital Scapbooking" page (page tabs) and I started to fill up my new photography blog ... Living PICTUREsquely! ... there are only 2 pictures at this stage - but I´ll continue loading up pictures every day now...

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Excuses/ Part Three

Ok, here´s the last one of all my excuses for not being creative in the last few weeks: 
I´v been to....

 LONDON for the first time of my life!! And it was truly an experience! 
Just the fact that nearly 8.000.000 people are living there - almost the same amount of habitants as in my little country Austria!
We found a very nice room (private)  and had a really good time there - although it was quite exhausting to whip through this huge city in 2,5 days! The weather was cold and wet, but our very friendly host assured us, that this is the "real London experience" :-)
We managed to see Big Ben, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Camden Market, The Tower and Tower Bridge and the new/old Shakespeare Theater...

I enjoyed strolling through Camden Market and Portobello Road Market very much... we bought quite a few "keepsakes"  :-)  ... and sometimes only just having a look was very delightful, too...

As I already said, it was very cold and wet and sometimes we just had to indulge ourselves with some yummy treats...

 ...aren´t they absolutely gorgeous?

Stunning cake-decorations, don´t you agree!

Ok, I guess you´re pretty tired now of all my excuses - in my next post I´ll show you something handcrafted again!

Until then - have a nice new week! Thanks for stopping by!

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Excuses / Part Two

Staying in Venice is quite expensive - so we prefer staying in Padua (ital.: Padova)... a city with a really nice old city center. It´s quite medieval - when strolling through the streets of the ancient city center I sometimes expect Romeo and Juliet coming around the corner... ok, Padua is not Verona, but the feeling is the same :-)

Unfortunately we always "forget" to make some pictures there... don´t know, why.

Here´s one of the beautiful old houses - my aunt in the front...

It´s taken with a small "point&shoot digi cam", so please neglect the poor quality.

A main reason for coming to Italy is to enjoy life - La dolce vita, as the Italians say... and we try our best:

... an indoor pic from our favourite enoteca in the city... to avoid misunderstandings: these were not all for me :-) only the glass rightmost!!

And they have very delicious food there:

Thanks for visiting!

PS: I tried to make some cameos with my Mold Muse molds lately - I even tried to do them bicolored - and I think they came out quite well with Fimo/Sculpey ... I love these molds - they´re first class quality!

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Excuses / Part One

Sorry for being so quiet lately... but I´ve some really good excuses!
Here´s the 1st one: our annual shopping trip to Padua (ital.:Padova) and Venice.... we had 4 fabulous days in Italy!
Want to travel a little?
Come with me on a short sightseeing tour through Venice ... we preferred to avoid the crowds of tourists this time and went through a more quiet area to the famous Rialto Bridge:

There are very popular stores called "Coin" in Italy - this one in Venice is in an old Palazzo - and look how gorgeous the decoration is! When you come in and look up to the ceiling - this is what you see:

Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!


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