Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Still alive!

Hi there,

for those who wonder why I´m so "quiet" ... I had a few "bad mood days"...

But today it turned into its opposite... oh, that feels much more better!

At the moment I´m watching "Mamma Mia" with Meryl Streep - love that movie - it makes me laugh and cheers me up, no matter in what  mood I am :-)

So, I´d like to share a card with you I made for one of my numerous aunts:

Is that what you call CAS?

I used the "Circles&Dots" set from Inkadinkado to make this ornament/medallion....

Thanks for visiting - have a nice day/evening!

5 Kommentare:

  1. ...eine sehr interessante Karte...schaut wundervoll aus...;)

    ILONA aka schnuti

    P.S. ...habe Dir vorhin eine e-Mail geschickt...;);)

  2. It is CAS but its beautiful and classy as well! Love the blingy added bits. LOvely!

  3. Love it!! That medallion is gorgeous! The gems are perfect! The flower a perfect touch! Sorry about your bad days! I am having them too!Glad today is better. I like Mama Mia! Nice funny movie!

  4. So good to see your cration. It is like flowing, looks so light. (Those light things in the film Avatar!) Beautiful and different.

    Take care and see you around x
    Annemaritta :)

  5. Glad things turned round for you again, hate those 'down' days. Beautiful take on a CAS card card, so pretty and elegant with added bling factor. Hope todays a good day too. Hugs lin


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