Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011


A few years ago I had severe problems with my skin – the doctor said, I should minimize stress – so that´s what I do !  :-)
So I thought it´s a good idea to begin 2011 as I ended 2010: with a nice afternoon at a Viennese Café.
My hubby and I visited Café Museum… here´s what we had:

Sweet-chestnut-cake and hot chocolate with Cointreau and whipped cream – topped with fresh incredibly good smelling orange zest:

Hubby had raspberry-mousse-cake with his favourite “Einspänner”…

…. and then Café Sobiesky, which is Mokka with Wodka and honey

So I had a quite stress-free afternoon ;-) we stayed there for nearly 3 hours and enjoyed the treats, talking and reading newspapers and magazines...

Enjoy your Sunday!

OK, I  don´t want to leave you with that now... here´s what I can offer you:

MY FAVOURITE RECIPE FOR APPLE CAKE... it is quick, easy and incredibly delicious smelling while baking - I love, when the whole house smells like a vanilla blossom!

* Cover a baking sheet or baking tin with puff pastry (ready from the supermarket).

* Peel some apples, cut them in slices and cover the dough.

* Beat 2 egg-whites

* Mix 2 yolks with 100g sugar and 10g vanilla suger until light and creamy, then add 500g sour cream (or 250g sour cream and 250g curd/quark) and 1 pack of pudding powder (size:usually enough for 0,5litre milk)

* Fold in the beaten egg-whites and pour this on the apples - smooth down

* Bake that for approx. 30min. at 175°Celsius (depends on your oven!) and enjoy the spreading scent of vanilla!


5 Kommentare:

  1. What a nice way to spend an afternoon. Love all those yummy goodies.

  2. What a fantastic way to relieve stress. I had to stop and wipe drool of my laptop twice while reading your post lol. Apple cake receipe sounds delicious thanks. Hugs lin

  3. Ok, the only way I'm gonna feel better for having missed out on this yummy throw down is if I hear that you gained 5 pounds by eating it! lol

  4. Another Yummy post! I love looking at all the delicious treats you get. I can't eat any of them. I am allergic to wheat and Dairy, but I love looking at them! Besides I have gained weight just looking at the pictures! Glad you had another relaxing weekend!

  5. Hallo Ulina,

    ich geniesse Deine Cafe-Besuche....auch ich bin ein ausgiebiger CafeGeniesser....;)

    als erstes einmal gute Besserung und mach Dir nicht so viel Stress....

    ..zu Deiner Frage, welche Farben ich verwende: ich coloriere hauptsächlich mit wasservermalbaren Stiften von Albrecht Dürer, auch male ich sehr gerne mit Twinkling´s H2O...:)

    Ich wünsche Dir ein gesundes und kreatives Jahr 2011


    ILONA aka schnuti


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