Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

New Episode…

....… of our Viennese Café Tour.

This time we visited Café Prückel in the Inner City, but it´s not our favourite. They do not separate the smokers from the non-smokers properly… nevertheless we enjoyed the afternoon…

 They have a nice ceiling there ;-)

Have a nice Wednesday!

Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

Nice and Neat!

I´ve been busy :-)

Before...                                                                                       After ...

It´s much more fun now, playing with these!

As Grandma always said:” A tidy house, a tidy mind.” :-)

                        *****             *****            *****

Last weekend I discovered how much fun step-cards are!
I used my new Hougie-Board, which is very useful for me because the score-lines are in "inch" on one and in "cm" on the other side!

Made this one out of scraps as a “thank you”-note for an aunt of mine, who sent me some biscuits:
(of course with my favourite stamp ...   ;-)  ... and my new Promarkers)

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting!

PS: I link this up to:

....Thank you

...Cut it out

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Happy Anniversary ….to us!

14 years – where have they gone? Time really flies!

As I know, that men usually don´t care that much about cards, no great idea came to my mind and I decided to make no card this year – until yesterday…. yes, it´s true, men don´t care MUCH about them – but they DO care a LITTLE – at least they feel flattered the second they get it… women would put them on their table for a while, but my hubby stores them in a drawer… I´m satisfied with that ;-)

So yesterday I had a scrap of grey cardstock and the postman brought a package with a “small” haul (*hem*) … and one of my new stamps fitted exactly onto that scrap – and all of a sudden I had my idea … and the card finished within minutes!

It´s so easy once you´re inspired!

I hope he will like it – I will give it to him this evening, when we enjoy open sandwiches with cold-smoked salmon and 1 (or 2 or…) glasses of Prosecco… :-)

Unfortunately we´ve go to work tomorrow – so no time to stay up long… it´s easier to organise something more “fantastic” on weekends – but that´s ok…

Have a fabulous evening everybody and thanks for stopping by!
PS: If you want to, tell me how YOU celebrate(d) your anniversary with your hubby?! I always appreciate new ideas ;-) !

Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

“Wind in my hair”

...this stunning drawing was a generous freebie from “A Day for Daisies” a while ago.

So I couldn´t resist to make a card for

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010


... for all those who feel cold because of  all that talk of snow in Blogland  ;-)

Come with me on a short trip to Mexico...

Can you feel the sun on your skin???

Thanks for stopping by today!

Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Just a little owl-minicard...

Last spring I bought the clear mini stamp "Sleepy Owl" - Dimensions Crafts LLC/Inkadinkado , but never used it... what a shame! It is sooo beautiful!

So I decided to make some minicards for my Mum... have already some, but no time (and not enough daylight when I´m at home) to photograph them.
I just made a quick shot from this one for

(I colored with felt-tip pens for children, but my Promarkers are on the way! Have to be patient... )

They look so cute all together - I will show you a picture in a few days!

For all owl-lovers: there´s a free owl-calendar available on this site!

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for visiting!

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010


It is still cold outside....

... so my hubby and I continue enhancing the "sunny side" of life...

We visited "Café Bräunerhof".
It is near the Habsburg city palace. Every Saturday there is live music at the café with a small orchestra of 3 playing waltzes and classical music. The furniture is from the 1920´s.
Bräunerhof has probably the largest selection of newspapers of all cafés in Vienna. According to its owner in 1996, the café spent 1600 dollars monthly on newspapers.(Wikipedia)

We had a cozy afternoon there ...

..... "Einspänner" coffee and plum cake and 
(curd) cheese strudel

... my all-time favourite : hot chocolate

And now to my project... something "vintagy" (is that a word?)

I link it up to

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day!

Still living… and a lightning-fast gift-wrapping

… but that´s not a matter of course.

I had a few very unpleasant days… let me tell you the story:

Last Wednesday I was so happy and full of joy, because I finally got Dorcas´ Blog Candy – so many beautiful things!! Thanks again!
And she sent me such a sweet card with even sweeter words in it!

But then…. later in the evening our  unit which is responsible for the heating and the hot water, stopped working.
I called the customer service, but they were very unprofessional, made 2 mistakes and so my hubby and I had to endure 5 (!) days in a house with 13°C/55°F room temperature and -5°C/23°F outside. And we had no hot water to take a shower or warm our hands.

So you can imagine that I really wasn´t in the mood for being creative or blogging – I was angry!!! *gggrrr*

To ease the situation I made soufflés and cakes (chocolate cake with raspberries!) in the oven which was the only source for warmth.

Ok. Enough of that. Since yesterday the unit is working again and it´s warm in here again :-)

Not long ago I needed a quick packaging/gift-wrapping for our 3 nephews – they´re 7, 8 and 13 – to put money and sweets inside… because I had really no time, I remembered this kind of packaging – so quick and easy and still not usual – the boys liked them and opened them very carefully although they´re usually more on the wild side:

I left them quite plain to achieve a more masculine look - the embellished side was the one to open the packaging.
So, this was my sign of life - enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!

I link it to ...

Make a gift or some kind of wrapping

Montag, 29. November 2010

Improving wintry afternoons...

My hubby and I made the decision to cheer up those cold, wintry months with visits to the famous old Viennese cafés… most of them are existing now for more than 100yrs. – and it´s a special atmosphere there….

Last Saturday we visited the Café Central in the Inner City of Vienna – it´s a very beautiful café with piano music…it has been opened in 1868 … we had a really nice and cozy afternoon …. ignoring the cold and windy weather outside, reading magazines and enjoying coffee and hot chocolate for 4 hours!!

Want to have a look? You´ll find pictures from 100 yrs. ago and from today…

Here are some of my pics:

... the piano man

... Empress Elisabeth

... a quite nice selection

... Mango-tartlet and a "Pharisäer" (=coffee with a slug of Rum and whipped cream)

... sweet chestnut roulade and a hot chocolate with Amaretto ... very delicious!

... a "Einspänner" (coffee with whipped cream not in a cup, but a glass-mug. In former times coachmen preferred this type of coffe, because it stayed longer hot and they could hold it in one hand while they had the reins in the other)

Inspired by those former times I created a SNB (sticky-notes-booklet) which could be from the estate of an elegant lady anno 1890/1900…

Thanks for enduring such a long blog post ;-)

Have a nice day!

Sonntag, 28. November 2010


Everything is blue and white outside: the first snow has fallen!

The sky is blue and our garden is white! Beautiful!

... first glimpse out of my window...

I felt blue,too, the day before, so - according to my mood- I colored a picture... nothing very artsy, because I used felt-tip-pens for children, but it cheered me up... and so it did its duty.

I bought this stamp a while ago and never used it - what a shame - it´s so beautiful! I think I´ll start a series of small cards with it for my Mum...

 Please don´t be too critical!

At least you can see the difference between glitter glue (feathers) and the Copic Spica pen (eyes)... the shine of the Spica pen is more elegant and not so obvious.... but it would have been too unimpressive for the feather-spots... so each of them is useful in its own way.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for taking the time to stop by :-)

PS: Have to hurry in the kitchen - have Banana Bread in the oven!

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Got "quick" Sparkle and Shine !

Hi all!

Only a quick post for today...

Dorcas complained in her post  that glitter glue takes a while to dry...

It happened, that I got a package from today - just in time :-)
I ordered a glitter pen one week ago that I found through this video: 
If you want to speed things up, just start at 7:30 minutes.

It´s the "atyou Spica Glitter Pen - clear" ... just tried it and I´m really fascinated by the elegant shine and it dries so fast - a matter of seconds!

Maybe this pen is an option...

Thanks for stopping by!

PS:  This was the whole picture ... mess included  ;-)

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Producing by Order

I got an order recently to make some of my sticky-notes-booklets… the client needed them as little gifts and chose the papers… but I felt a bit uncomfortable with the choice… but what can I do – an order is an order!

So I did, what I like most – ADDING GLITTER! And butterflies. And Gold and Silver.

Wish you all a wonderful Wednesday and THANKS for stopping by!

I link this up to:   Blue,White,Silver   Blue, White
I link both of them up to:  3D project, little gift, NO card  caterpillar or butterfly

Dienstag, 23. November 2010


I´ve been chosen as a Trigger Target by Cath! THANKS Cath!

Her challenges are so inspiring!

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

Samstag, 20. November 2010

Tuesday Trigger at Moxie Fab World

This week I thougt it would be fun to participate here at
I was so inspired by the beautiful picture from the Vogue Magazine!

As many of you know, I can´t stop making my sticky-notes-booklets... so another one is born!
I was inspired by the deep red color and by the fashion theme...

I gave it as a gift to one of my aunts... I spent some very beautiful summer holidays with her and her family ... she taught me how to sew... so I thought this booklet would be perfect for her as a little gift :-)
The larger red and white pearls on the charm are freshwater pearls - wanted to add a little "luxurious" feel to it...
But it´s really a pitty, that I can´t find all colors of sticky-notes here in Austria... no ones in white or red! A disaster! So I had to add soft yellow ones - pink ones would have been even worse... *sigh*
Hope, you like it anyway - my aunt fortunately did :-) 

Wish you all a happy weekend and thanks for stopping at my blog!

Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Ich hatte …/ I had…

…einen fabelhaften Wochenbeginn!
Dorcas … … verschenkte ein tolles 100-Follower-Giveaway und ich bin die glückliche Gewinnerin!!! Was für eine tolle Überraschung !!!
Nun warte ich sehnsüchtig auf das Päckchen ;-) und werde dem Inhalt dann noch mal einen Post widmen!

Darüber hinaus gibt es nicht viel, was ich momentan mit euch teilen könnte, daher noch ein Foto von meiner kleinen Freundin… ich liebe es, wie sich ihr Blick in dieser Fotoserie verwandelt: von „unschuldig“ nach „schelmisch“ … einmalig süß!

Vielen Dank für´s Vorbeischauen!

… a fabulous Monday!
Dorcas … …. had a fantastic 100th-follower-giveaway and I´m the lucky winner!!! What a big surprise!!!
 Now I´m waiting wishfully for the package to come :-)  I´ll post about it again then!

There´s not much to share at the moment, so I thought I post a picture of little Cutie … I love how her face turns from “innocent” to “impish”…. sooo cute!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Got an Award!

Thanks Lin ...
.... for this award!

I ´ve to tell you three things that make me different from anyone else ... hmmm... ?!?!???

1) I always loved going to school! I can imagine, that I´m pretty alone with this ;-)
2) I´m hooked on making sticky notes booklets... all colors, all styles - can´t stop!
3) I love Orange, Pink and Turquoise - weird color combination!

I´d like to give this award to:

If you choose to accept this award hop over to for the rules.

Nice Sunday everyone!

Montag, 8. November 2010

2 Challenges


Tut mir leid, dass das Licht so schlecht ist, aber ich musste bei Schreibtischlampenlicht ein Bild machen - hab die Challenge grad erst entdeckt und sie geht nur bis Mitternacht Ortszeit!
Das Damask-Motiv glitzert - leider kann man es am Foto nicht so gut erkennen...
Ich hoffe, sie gefällt euch trotzdem!

Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to take the picture with only the light of my desk lamp - just found the challenge a few minutes ago and it ends on midnight!
The damask embellishment shines very glittery - the picture doesn´t justice...
Hope, you like it anyway!

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Mega Blog Candy


Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010


Vor 2 Wochen hatte ich die besondere Freude ein Seifenblasen-Shooting mit einem süßen kleinen Mädchen zu machen… ich hatte es mir einfacher vorgestellt… sowohl Kleinkinder als auch Seifenblasen sind recht unberechenbar ;-)
Trotzdem mag ich die Ergebnisse – sicher auch, weil ich die Kleine ganz besonders gern mag!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to do a soap-bubble-shoot with a cute little girl… I expected it to be easier than it really was… both, toddlers and soap-bubbles, are unpredictable ;-)
Nevertheless I like the results – most certain because I became fond of  that little girl!

Habt einen schönen Tag u. vielen Dank für den Besuch!

Have a beautiful day and thanks for visiting!


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