Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Vintage inspired Jewelry

I guess, this is my new passion: vintage inspired jewelry... I love to combine pearls and old rhinestone pieces!

This is my 2nd try on this:

I think these vintage inspired jewelry pieces are so gorgeous to wear - not only in the evening, but also during the day to jazz up a casual outfit, don´t you agree?!

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments on my first piece, the bracelet!

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. It's beautiful. I have a rhinestone necklace belonging to my Mother, I keep looking at it and wishing I could do something so I could wear it. I'll have to look at it again now. Thanks for the inspiration Hugs lin

  2. This is lovely Ulina! I have some jewelry with rhinestones that I never wear because I feel they are too glitsy. Maybe I can alter them a bit and add other beads like you have done.
    Pearl x

  3. uiii die schaut aber toll aus. Ein echter Hingucker.
    lg Monika

  4. Oh yes ... I think they are lovely and this creation is really elegant! it is not too fussy and I'm sure it would look beautiful day or night ... well done to you

  5. Gorgeous Uli. You are getting to be quite the jewellery designer love! :) Yes, I do agree that it could be worn with a casual outfit. Looking forward to seeing your next piece.
    Luv, Babs xo

  6. Hi Uli, I have missed a few post. You really have been creating beautiful pieces. I'm loving this piece, you can so dress it up or down. Beautiful.

  7. Hi Uli wow ! what beautiful jewellery very striking and so romantic well done indeed.


  8. Diese Perlenkette sieht wunderschön aus- du hast sie auch so schön präsentiert mit dem Spitzenhalsband!!LG Gerlinde

  9. Oh ja, da bin ich ganz deiner Meinung. Dieses Schmuckstück kann sich auch tagsüber zu einem etwas lässigeren outfit sehen lassen!
    Ich finde deine neue Leidenschaft sehr kreativ und genial!

    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende
    LG Rosi


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