Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Excuses/ Part Three

Ok, here´s the last one of all my excuses for not being creative in the last few weeks: 
I´v been to....

 LONDON for the first time of my life!! And it was truly an experience! 
Just the fact that nearly 8.000.000 people are living there - almost the same amount of habitants as in my little country Austria!
We found a very nice room (private)  and had a really good time there - although it was quite exhausting to whip through this huge city in 2,5 days! The weather was cold and wet, but our very friendly host assured us, that this is the "real London experience" :-)
We managed to see Big Ben, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Camden Market, The Tower and Tower Bridge and the new/old Shakespeare Theater...

I enjoyed strolling through Camden Market and Portobello Road Market very much... we bought quite a few "keepsakes"  :-)  ... and sometimes only just having a look was very delightful, too...

As I already said, it was very cold and wet and sometimes we just had to indulge ourselves with some yummy treats...

 ...aren´t they absolutely gorgeous?

Stunning cake-decorations, don´t you agree!

Ok, I guess you´re pretty tired now of all my excuses - in my next post I´ll show you something handcrafted again!

Until then - have a nice new week! Thanks for stopping by!

8 Kommentare:

  1. You came to London and didn't come to visit me?!!!
    Love Pearl x

  2. You kept that a secret Uli :) Glad you enjoyed my wonderful city, apologies for the weather!
    Val x

  3. Liebe Ulina, Venedig dann London....ich freue mich, dass du auch so gerne reist wie ich...und die Schuhe sind ja cool. Ich wuensche dir eine tolle Zeit- Gerlinde

  4. I'm with Pearl - you came all the way to England and didn't visit me lol. Not that I could have promised you better weather of course. I can understand you being exhausted just deciding which of those desserts to eat....let alone all the sight seeing lol. And those shoes ........Hugs lin

  5. Lovely photos ... those cakes look so tempting ... but expensive in London though! So glad you enjoyed your short stay

  6. So glad you enjoyed London there's so much to see and do and looks like you did most of it ! thanks for the gorgeous photos I put on two kilos just looking at those cakes !!!!


  7. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Wonderful photo of Big Ben! ... and the cakes and pasteries .. oh wow.. I would have to have a piece of the one with the great big white flower .. maybe it's white chocolate mmm.


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