Montag, 29. November 2010

Improving wintry afternoons...

My hubby and I made the decision to cheer up those cold, wintry months with visits to the famous old Viennese cafés… most of them are existing now for more than 100yrs. – and it´s a special atmosphere there….

Last Saturday we visited the Café Central in the Inner City of Vienna – it´s a very beautiful café with piano music…it has been opened in 1868 … we had a really nice and cozy afternoon …. ignoring the cold and windy weather outside, reading magazines and enjoying coffee and hot chocolate for 4 hours!!

Want to have a look? You´ll find pictures from 100 yrs. ago and from today…

Here are some of my pics:

... the piano man

... Empress Elisabeth

... a quite nice selection

... Mango-tartlet and a "Pharisäer" (=coffee with a slug of Rum and whipped cream)

... sweet chestnut roulade and a hot chocolate with Amaretto ... very delicious!

... a "Einspänner" (coffee with whipped cream not in a cup, but a glass-mug. In former times coachmen preferred this type of coffe, because it stayed longer hot and they could hold it in one hand while they had the reins in the other)

Inspired by those former times I created a SNB (sticky-notes-booklet) which could be from the estate of an elegant lady anno 1890/1900…

Thanks for enduring such a long blog post ;-)

Have a nice day!

5 Kommentare:

  1. Oh I'm Sooooooo jealous!! What fun!

  2. What a nice idea! We need to be creative and go to some fun places too. Only We don't have places quite as regal and filled with that kind of history. My favorite pictures are the ones of the delicious treats! The coco with amaretto, Yum! Your book came out great! Love the flower! What a nice memory!

  3. How wonderful to have places like that to visit. So elegant, as is your post it book. Everything looks so yummy too. Fantastic way to ease your way through the winter. Have fun. Hugs lin

  4. Life is good, Ahhhhh Vienna.

  5. ...ein wunderschöner Ort zum Entspannen..und klasse Einblicke im Cafe...das Notizblöcklein ist absolut bezaubernd....;)
    ...vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog...leider kann ich Dir zu dem Schriftstempel keine Angaben machen....sorry...;)




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