Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Jeweled Journey Part 2

Hi again!

… if you´re new here, please start with Part 1 here : http://apricotbubbles.blogspot.co.at/2014/06/jeweled-journey-part-1.html

So, after creating my dark pearl necklace, my second piece was a cream colored pearl bracelet – I LOVE bracelets – so nice to wear!
I took a piece from my rhinestone heap and added some quite large pearls – done! Within no time at all – 30 minutes perhaps?  

This was so much fun to me, that I realized, that I´d need much more rhinestone pieces for my new passion.
I visited Vienna´s largest and most famous (on Saturdays: flea-) market – the “Naschmarkt” – and found some really nice pieces for a reasonable price.
Aren´t they all so pretty?!  

In the next few months I made some necklaces – you can read about them HERE – or just take a look HERE

I even made myself necklaces for just a day/ an outfit and took it apart afterwards – crazy! But so much fun! This one for example does not exist any more – it was only for a day… the center-piece is the only heirloom I have from my paternal Grandma.

Please stay tuned for some more stages of the Jeweled Journey :-)
Thank you so much visiting again!

PS: I link this up to the Vintage Inspiration Party !

7 Kommentare:

  1. Wow both are gorgeous and how clever to make and the remake they look stunning !


  2. Oooh! Your bracelet and necklace are gorgeous!! And what wonderful finds at the flea market ... I'm looking ofrward to seeing your creations ... Have a lovely evening!

  3. Wow....einfach wunderschön....Schön daß man wieder mal was von dir hört....
    lg Monika

  4. Love the vintage look to your jewellery Uli, I look forward to seeing more of your creations:)
    Val x

  5. Your necklace is stunning, you are so lucky to have that beautiful centerpiece from your grandma. Love all of your pretty jewels. Thanks for sharing everything at the Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. Der Flohmarktbesuch hat sich gelohnt, jetzt hast du ein tolles Startkapital für dein neues Steckenpferd ;)
    Deine beiden neuen Kreationen sind einzigartig und voller Charm!
    LG Rosi

  7. Love the necklace Ulina! You are getting really good at this :)
    Love Pearl x


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