Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Thank You

I was really happy to learn, that I do have loyal followers who read my blog posts and encourage me with their comments!


This is for you!

I tried my hands on a very chocolaty chocolate cake - and it turned out delicious! 
I´m so sorry that I can´t hand out a piece to everyone of you in real life!

Just in case you don´t know how to make the leaves: just take some leaves from a rose, dip them into warm chocolate, put them into the fridge, peel the leaves off again - voilá!
If they´re still ok (not torn) dip them into chocolate again... and so on ...

And if you´d like to try this flower out of white chocolate, too - I got the instructions here:
how to make a CHOCOLATE FLOWER rose by Ann Reardon

Have a nice day!

8 Kommentare:

  1. Wow ! Your chocolate cake seems to be delicious !

  2. Der sieht aber sehr lecker aus!! Hier ist jedes Detail perfekt plaziert, genau wie bei deinen Schmuckstücken! Wunderschön, .....fast zu schade zum essen!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße nach Österreich...

  3. Wow...die Torte ist ja urschön, bestimmt schmeckt sie auch so...
    lg Monika

  4. ooo looks so yum! Very clever to use rose leaves and petals to make your chocolate flower! I will have to try this one day :)
    Love Pearl xxx

  5. Diese Torte sieht ja so lecker aus, da bekomme ich gleich Heissgusta;-) LG Gerlinde

  6. oh,Ulina,how can you do this to us ,poor followers of your blog ?! can't you see this aquaplaning on our tongues?
    wonderful cake,congrats ! Erni

  7. Oh Uli this is magnificent!! What a talented lady you are ... Sorry I can't taste it though ...


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