Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Got "quick" Sparkle and Shine !

Hi all!

Only a quick post for today...

Dorcas complained in her post  that glitter glue takes a while to dry...

It happened, that I got a package from today - just in time :-)
I ordered a glitter pen one week ago that I found through this video: 
If you want to speed things up, just start at 7:30 minutes.

It´s the "atyou Spica Glitter Pen - clear" ... just tried it and I´m really fascinated by the elegant shine and it dries so fast - a matter of seconds!

Maybe this pen is an option...

Thanks for stopping by!

PS:  This was the whole picture ... mess included  ;-)

2 Kommentare:

  1. Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing some of your projects with it. Will look at the links now. Hugs lin

  2. Cool! I will have to check this out! Thank You for the tip. I do like glitter but hate the mess! This looks perfect!


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