Sonntag, 28. November 2010


Everything is blue and white outside: the first snow has fallen!

The sky is blue and our garden is white! Beautiful!

... first glimpse out of my window...

I felt blue,too, the day before, so - according to my mood- I colored a picture... nothing very artsy, because I used felt-tip-pens for children, but it cheered me up... and so it did its duty.

I bought this stamp a while ago and never used it - what a shame - it´s so beautiful! I think I´ll start a series of small cards with it for my Mum...

 Please don´t be too critical!

At least you can see the difference between glitter glue (feathers) and the Copic Spica pen (eyes)... the shine of the Spica pen is more elegant and not so obvious.... but it would have been too unimpressive for the feather-spots... so each of them is useful in its own way.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for taking the time to stop by :-)

PS: Have to hurry in the kitchen - have Banana Bread in the oven!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Adore the colours, and the glitter, can see it will make a very pretty card. Great pic of your first snow, we had our first yesterday, but only a fine sprinkling - not enough to cover the grass properly but made the car park look nicer lol. It still made me smile for hours though, love to see snow. Hugs lin

  2. Your coloring is AWESOME!! I understand the blue mood. We had our first gray day on THursday and I was like Jeckl and Hyde. I don't do well without the sun, thus all my bright cards!

  3. Great picture of the snow. Your coloring is great! The glitter pen is the perfect touch. Is the banana bread done? I want some!! Smells delicious!! LOL!

  4. The coloring on this owl is beautiful! I love the subtle shimmer of the Spica pen, but it is so hard to photograph. It looks wonderful here!


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