Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Excuses / Part Two

Staying in Venice is quite expensive - so we prefer staying in Padua (ital.: Padova)... a city with a really nice old city center. It´s quite medieval - when strolling through the streets of the ancient city center I sometimes expect Romeo and Juliet coming around the corner... ok, Padua is not Verona, but the feeling is the same :-)

Unfortunately we always "forget" to make some pictures there... don´t know, why.

Here´s one of the beautiful old houses - my aunt in the front...

It´s taken with a small "point&shoot digi cam", so please neglect the poor quality.

A main reason for coming to Italy is to enjoy life - La dolce vita, as the Italians say... and we try our best:

... an indoor pic from our favourite enoteca in the city... to avoid misunderstandings: these were not all for me :-) only the glass rightmost!!

And they have very delicious food there:

Thanks for visiting!

PS: I tried to make some cameos with my Mold Muse molds lately - I even tried to do them bicolored - and I think they came out quite well with Fimo/Sculpey ... I love these molds - they´re first class quality!

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  1. How beautiful the buildings are. I have recently made a card using the cameo you sent with pay it forward. I'll be posting it soon. I actually have the mold now, as I thought it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing more of your trip. Hugs lin

  2. deine Cameo´s schauen super aus - die zweifärbige ist echt edel! Auch ausprobieren muss :)

  3. It's such a beautiful structure. I'm happy you were to enjoy your time. Love the cameos. Hugs, dj

  4. Hi Uli,
    Love your pictures, especially of Venice! Glad you had a nice time. My husband and I went there some years back and loved it. Your cameos look lovely too!
    Love Pearl x

  5. More stunning photos ... I love seeing them ... and your cameos are fabulous!! where did you get that mold from?

  6. Stunning photos, !!! Love the cameos those moulds of yours are just gorgeous.


  7. More fab photos, food and wine, heaven!!! Love the cameo Uli and remember that you used a beautiful rose once before from a mold. Just checked out the etsy site and will be definitely treating myself to a couple of molds :o)
    Val x

  8. Wow Uli! THose cameos are awesome!!

  9. Padua...setting of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.
    Which I'll always remember from the movie, Kiss Me Kate,
    starring Kathryn Grayson.
    Hilarious :)
    Glad the town still has an old-world feel.


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