Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Excuses / Part One

Sorry for being so quiet lately... but I´ve some really good excuses!
Here´s the 1st one: our annual shopping trip to Padua (ital.:Padova) and Venice.... we had 4 fabulous days in Italy!
Want to travel a little?
Come with me on a short sightseeing tour through Venice ... we preferred to avoid the crowds of tourists this time and went through a more quiet area to the famous Rialto Bridge:

There are very popular stores called "Coin" in Italy - this one in Venice is in an old Palazzo - and look how gorgeous the decoration is! When you come in and look up to the ceiling - this is what you see:

Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh my gorgeous! What a beautiful place to go on vacation :)

  2. Uli, you lucky girl, that's my favourite place in the world, we've been 3 times and love it!!! Your photos are fabulous, love the reflections in the canal :o) Isn't the ceiling wonderful too?
    Val x

  3. Liebe Uli, deine fotos von Venedig sind sehr schön und gut gelungen, es ist immer wieder herrlich in Venedig zu sein und scheinbar hattet ihr auch Glück mit dem Wetter. Ein herrlich blauer Himmel, Herz was willst du mehr. LG von Gerli

  4. Wow, Uli, these photos are fabulous. I'd love to see it in real life, but alas, I'll have to view it through your eyes. That's a very good excuse for not posting cards, etc. I wish I had as good of a alibi. LOL. Hugs, dj

  5. Glad to hear you had a fabulous time. These photo's are beautiful. I'd love to see it in person..but almost feel I have now. thanks for sharing. Hugs lin

  6. Oh Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing these ... how I wish I was there too ... I've only been to Italy once but adored it! And I hope your trip to London was enjoyable for you ...

  7. I absolutely love these pictures Uli, I always enjoy your travel pics. It looks wonderful. So glad you shared these with us.
    Luv, Babs xo

  8. I was lucky enough to attend a wedding in Venice where my husband was the best man, we arrived and left the church by Gondola, it was a full moon absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your perfect pictures and reminding me of those happy times.


  9. Thanks for sharing your photos Uli. I feel like I have been away with you! Such stunning buildings.

    hugs Sarah x


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