Montag, 7. März 2011

Thinking of you

Weather is still cold and we have frosty mornings here… so we keep enjoying our visits to the old Viennese Cafés… this time we visited Café Central again – because of the piano music – and look what we had: delicious hot chocolate with Amaretto liqueur and chocolate cake (me) and coffee with wipped cream and a very delicious “round chocolaty thing” (hubby) – it tasted wonderful and it was embellished with small pieces of gold! Our afternoon there was like a full day of vacation!

(Don´t ask for the amount of calories…)

Today I´d like to share with you a card with a digi by Mo Manning – I love this drawing!

I colored it with watercolors:

While I was doing mine, my aunt did the same card with colors I like a lot more!
I only chose the deep red of my card because of the person I wanted to give the card to. But I like the light blue a lot more!

Here´s her card:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice week!

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  1. I think both cards are very nice! And oh...uh.. where's the vegetable soup?? :-D You know, it's like my sister always says, " I could be ten pounds lighter and starve myself to stay at that weight, or I can accept myself at being ten pounds heavier and eat ANYTHING I WANT!!"

  2. First off, Yummy! I love those treats! Glad you such a nice day. Your cards are great! I like both of them. I love how just a color change, makes them completely different. Your coloring is really good! Love the buttons too!

  3. I say yum, too. I was describing them to my husband and even he liked them. He wanted to know why we don't have cafes like that. LOL. Beautiful card! I love your coloring. I think I like the color combination on yours. Hugs, dj

  4. Ahhh, a Viennese cafe, nothing quite like it. I've only had a quick trip through Vienna, and look forward to going back to really see the city.

    My sister lives in Munich and I've been a time or two with her family over to ski in the Zillertal Valley, Mayerhofen. My summary: the coffee, top-notch; the pasties - delicious! Who goes away on a ski vacation and comes home with their clothes fitting tighter?!

  5. Oooh I want that cake !!!!!! great card too btw. :O) Viv xx


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