Mittwoch, 16. März 2011


Isn´t it such a heart warming thing to say “Thank You” and to get a “Thank you” back sometimes!?

These are my 2 “Thank Yous” for this week so far:


My sweet hubby surprised me and brightened my day with these colourful pretties – THANK YOU!!! *mwah*


My mother in law made us happy with a very good dish: salty pancakes filled with ham and cheese – rolled up – breaded and fried in hot oil --> DELICIOUS!! THANK YOU!!!

I had only a few minutes till she delivered this fantastic dish to pretty up her favourite chocolate bar … much better than giving it “naked” to her, isn´t it?

For this reason I love my new Big Shot – embossing and cutting is so easy and quick now!

Sorry for the uninspired picture … just made a quick shot and then the door bell rang…

Have a great day and THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my blog today! :-)

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  1. OMGoodness, FRIED PANCAKES!! Sounds delish (minus the ham of course. lol) And the Gerber Daisies are LOVELY, (one of my biggest favorites for cut flowers!) and the chocolate wrapper is great, such an awesome idea.
    Thanks fro the eye candy today! (Now how can I make those pancakes......)

  2. The flowers are beautiful. I love the colors. Our Creator certainly has made the most beautiful art than we can ever produce. That was very sweet of your hubby. It was also sweet of your mother-in-law to fix the dish for you and for you to have the candy with its pretty wrapper for her. Hugs, dj

  3. @Dorcas:
    Warning! This is a lot of work!
    You have to make pancakes first, then fill them, then roll them up, then turn them in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs and then you´ve to fry them.... that will keep you in the kitchen for quite a time...
    That´s the reason why I don´t make them and give my mother in law a little gift if she gives us some of hers... (she makes them for 9 people, don´t know how she can manage that)


  4. Love the flowers! That was so sweet of him. You obviously deserve them! Flowers do brighten out day. It is spring here and I love watching everything bloom! Great idea with the chocolate. Personally I don't mind naked chocolate, but wrapped is good too! LOL! Your pancakes sound yummy! Enjoy both your gifts today!

  5. What wonderful suprizes this week Uli! I love cut flowers. My husband and son bring me flowers all thru the summer. It always makes my day! My second favorite gift is food! :) Enjoy them both!

  6. I adore Gerberas, my fave flowers, what a lovely surprise and I love your cocolate wrap!
    Love Sarita xx

  7. ...wunderschöne Blumen und phantastische Photo´s....Du hattest doch mal na´ch diesen Schriftstempel gefragt...schau doch mal hier:

    ..hatte sie am Donnerstag auf der Creativa in Dortmund wieder entdeckt...;)

    Schönes WE

    ILONA aka schnuti

  8. beautiful flowers! love the embossing!

  9. Beautiful photographs of such pretty daisy's, I love them. I would so love to have been around to enjoy the pancakes Dorcas, without the ham. What a great idea to pretty up the chocolate...must start doing things like that myself too. Hugs lin

  10. Great idea, how nice to do that for your MIL! Thanks for showing us at Anything Goes, K x


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