Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010


It is still cold outside....

... so my hubby and I continue enhancing the "sunny side" of life...

We visited "Café Bräunerhof".
It is near the Habsburg city palace. Every Saturday there is live music at the café with a small orchestra of 3 playing waltzes and classical music. The furniture is from the 1920´s.
Bräunerhof has probably the largest selection of newspapers of all cafés in Vienna. According to its owner in 1996, the café spent 1600 dollars monthly on newspapers.(Wikipedia)

We had a cozy afternoon there ...

..... "Einspänner" coffee and plum cake and 
(curd) cheese strudel

... my all-time favourite : hot chocolate

And now to my project... something "vintagy" (is that a word?)

I link it up to

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7 Kommentare:

  1. Oh that is SO unfair! I just finished crashing through the ice on our pond with the canoe supposedly "saving" my ducks who were "stuck" and by the time we reached them , the little highnesses waddled off across the ice.!!! ANd now that my fingers are numb and muddy and I SO want some junk food ,LOOK what pictures greet me when I click on blogland! I tell you life's not fair!
    OK, I will give it to you. You DID endure five days with no heat so I will give you the hot chocolate but OH! I WANT THOSE PASTRIES!
    Oh, by the way, Vintagy is a word. :-) And your vintagy notebook is way cool!

  2. I love seeing your cafe pictures with the yummy treats. I have not been up to eating too much sweets. Why not? It is great comfort food! Now that I see that yummy cocoa I WANT chocolate! Hope you are toasty warm now! I am still frozen in NY. NC is still chilly, but a bit warmer. Love your vintagy post it album. This is one of my favorites so far. I really like the colors, feathers and jewels.

  3. oh goodness! That is gorgeous and I adore the jewels you added! I'd love to have something like that for my purse!

    Thanks for entering our Paper Sundaes challenge this week!

    Lisa M.

  4. Wow, beautiful creation, love the paper & the vintage feel! MMmmmm the pastries and hot chocolate look super yummy too! Thanks for joining us at Paper Sundaes this week :)

  5. Happy to see your latest delicious sunny side enhancement....just looking at it cheered me up lol. Love your vintagy post it folder. Elegantly beautiful. Fantastic bling, and feather. Hugs lin

  6. Thank You for your comments too! I did not receive your E mail, but Thank You for your thinking of me. I will be home next week. I am with you, the snow is pretty, But I HATE to be cold! NY is esp. cold for me! If you can please send me your E-Mail- as I do not have yours. I can get it from Dorcas too!

  7. I would love some of your winter butterflies, just about now. But, oh no not in Florida even through it's bee cool latetly and that is so nice. Lovely cafe, everything looks so yummy.
    Beautiful project love the pink and the gorgeous charms, so pretty.


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