Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Happy Anniversary ….to us!

14 years – where have they gone? Time really flies!

As I know, that men usually don´t care that much about cards, no great idea came to my mind and I decided to make no card this year – until yesterday…. yes, it´s true, men don´t care MUCH about them – but they DO care a LITTLE – at least they feel flattered the second they get it… women would put them on their table for a while, but my hubby stores them in a drawer… I´m satisfied with that ;-)

So yesterday I had a scrap of grey cardstock and the postman brought a package with a “small” haul (*hem*) … and one of my new stamps fitted exactly onto that scrap – and all of a sudden I had my idea … and the card finished within minutes!

It´s so easy once you´re inspired!

I hope he will like it – I will give it to him this evening, when we enjoy open sandwiches with cold-smoked salmon and 1 (or 2 or…) glasses of Prosecco… :-)

Unfortunately we´ve go to work tomorrow – so no time to stay up long… it´s easier to organise something more “fantastic” on weekends – but that´s ok…

Have a fabulous evening everybody and thanks for stopping by!
PS: If you want to, tell me how YOU celebrate(d) your anniversary with your hubby?! I always appreciate new ideas ;-) !

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  1. Happy Anniversary Uli! Congratulations on 14 years! Your card is really nice! I love the eyelets and the stamps you used! He will love it even if he does not display it. Aaron always keeps my cards in a drawer, but gets upset if I move them. So they know where they are. He had to work this year too and money was tight, so we went out to eat that night and on the weekend we took a few day trips just to spend time together. Nothing exciting, but we spent some quality time together, which is hard to do in this crazy world. Next year is our 20th so we are saving up for a trip somewhere warm! Congrats again and enjoy your sandwiches!

  2. Nice card, Uli! Its very masculine so he should love it, but its classy too.
    I'm the wrong one to ask about anniversaries as we never do anything much. Jonathan's a hard one to even dine out with, so who knows what we'll do next spring on our 18th.
    I always make Jonathan a card but its probably wasted as I'm the one who puts it somewhere special.I know he has no clue where it is.


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