Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

One for Mum

My parents are always the first ones to see my new creations. When I showed them my necklace ( see last blog post), my Mum meant, that it is perfect for me indeed - but the dark pearls wouldn´t suit her neck. I dissented and so we tried it out in front of the mirror. To cut a long story short – she was wrong, I was right! My necklace fitted her perfectly!
So I rushed home and made one for her… here´s my newest creation (I used a vintage rhinestone piece from the fleamarket, which was an earring in former times):

 I already gave it to her - and she loves it!

Thanks for visiting me today!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Its beautiful Ulina! A lovely gift for mum! Great how you turned an earing into a necklace :)
    Pearl x

  2. Oh my this is really beautiful ... what a gorgeous piece and those sweet little birds really add to the charm ... Lovely work Ulina!

  3. Beautiful Ulina, I love it! Don't you just love those flea markets?
    Have a lovely day,
    Babs xo

  4. Oh, wie edel und anmutig! Die zwei Vögelchen sind zauberhaftes Detail, .....ein tolles Schmuckstück!!


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