Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Apricots everywhere!

Hi there!

For those of you who wondered why I was so quiet in the last few weeks: I was busy doing LOTS of things - one of them was processing apricots.

Our tree (earlier this year) ...

... had "tons" of apricots this year:

I had to give away lots of them - too much for 2 people!

I stewed most of them to "Marillenröster" (more liquid than jam, with bigger pieces of fruit and less sugar than jam)

I also gave away some jars to my family in Styria - they do have lots of apple and cherry trees there, but no apricots - it´s not the right climate and soil there.

As you all know we crafters do NOT give away anything without prinking it up!

So even time was tight, I made small tags for some jars...

PHEW! Harvest is over now and I´m sooo happy about that!

Thanks for remembering me :-) and visiting me today!

Have a great day!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Oh how absolutely YUMMY!!! So you don't have any bugs and worms that eat all your apricots like we have eating our peaches? THis just looks heavenly!

  2. Hi there I wondered where you were ! Kept passing by .....Lovely to see you back, your apricots look yummy. Great tag and so stylish aperfect label for your gorgeous apricots.


  3. Oh wow!! these look fantastic ... never seen them growing on trees IRL (sad I know) ... and your tags are gorgeous ... bet that jam tastes fabulous!!

  4. I love the tag ! it is so cute.

  5. Yummy! If we lived closer I would have taken some off your hands! I would have helped making some jam too! Looks delicious! Glad you have that work behind you. You will be happy to enjoy that delicious jam in the winter on nice warm bread! Yum! I am hungry now! Your comment on my post made me laugh this morning! You so HAVE to get a Lily Munster shirt now! Love those tags as well!

  6. Mmmmm, looks so delish Uli! Great pictures too.
    Luv, Babs

  7. Looks yummy and the tags are beautiful!
    Val x

  8. Wish I lived closer to you to share your bounty lol. We had a bumper strawberry, logenberry (and about to have) blueberry crop....what a swap we could have had lol. We have a few apples on our baby tree this year..but not a pear on the baby pear tree. Our baby peach tree had one peach...and boo hoo, it fell off half ripe. At least you can't get fat on apricots eh!! Hugs lin

  9. Oh and by the way, the tags are just gorgeous. Hugs again

  10. Oh how beautiful Ulina!! I have never seen an apricot tree and I just love apricots! Apricot jam is my very favourite! Many years ago, Laura Secord (a Canadian Chocolate Company)sold apricot jam with small whole almonds ... oh my, it was sooo special. This is a wonderful presentation of your jam with your gorgeous tag ... too nice to open and eat :) ! Love all of your photos Ulina!

  11. Wow - what a beautiful bounty! And oh my, what a lot of work! One year we lived in a house with a plum & pear tree, and goodness, it takes a long time to make sure nothing is wasted. What a great gift from you :)

  12. Beautiful pictures. Wonderful tags. Love apricot jam, or pretty much anything apricot.


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